Spencer Research Library Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Angela Andres Conservation Services andresa@ku.edu 785-864-3244
Mary Ann Baker Processing mbaker@ku.edu 785-864-2035
Whitney Baker Head of Conservation Services wbaker@ku.edu 785-864-3568
Chris Banuelos Conservation Services cbanuelos@ku.edu 785-864-3579
Emily Beran Public Services emilyberan@ku.edu 785-864-4891
Larry Brow Processing blackmug@ku.edu 785-864-6272
Karen S. Cook Special Collections kscook@ku.edu 785-864-3357
Deborah Dandridge Kansas Collection ddandrid@ku.edu 785-864-2028
Sally Haines Processing shaines@ku.edu 785-864-2036
Elspeth Healey Special Collections ehealey@ku.edu 785-864-1229
Nancy Hollingsworth Processing nhollingsworth@ku.edu 785-864-2032
Meredith Huff Public Services huffme@ku.edu 785-864-2022
Marcella Huggard Processing mhuggard@ku.edu 785-864-6306
Jennifer Johnson Processing jtornado@ku.edu 785-864-8977
Letha Johnson University Archives ljohnson18@ku.edu 785-864-4188
Caitlin Donnelly Klepper Head of Public Services cdonnelly@ku.edu 785-864-4456
Miloche Kottman Head of Cataloging, Archival Processing & Digitization mkottman@ku.edu 785-864-3916
Kathy Lafferty Public Services klafferty@ku.edu 785-864-8924
Nancy Larsen Processing nllarsen@ku.edu 785-864-8940
Mike Readinger Processing mreading@ku.edu 785-864-2029
Rebecca Schulte University Archivist bschulte@ku.edu 785-864-2024
Lynn Ward Processing lynn_ward@ku.edu 785-864-4926
Jocelyn Wehr Digitization Services jocelyn@ku.edu 785-864-8067
Beth M. Whittaker Associate Dean of Distinctive Collections, Director of Spencer Research Library bethwhittaker@ku.edu 785-864-4275

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