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Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts

Book of Hours ("The Vosper Hours"), France, circa 1470. Call Number: MS Pryce C1

Book of Hours ("The Vosper Hours")
France, circa 1470
Call Number: MS Pryce C1

Special Collections collects manuscripts primarily for their texts: data-sources offering researchers both answers and problems. Secondly, we have tried to supply students of the history of the book with an assortment of the physical characteristics of normal medieval manuscripts, including a variety of hands. We have not deliberately collected "high spots." Few of our medieval manuscripts are highly ornamented; few have original bindings; many are in workaday fifteenth-century cursive. Most of them are the normal books that provided both pleasure and information to the ordinary reader. Holdings of manuscripts written before 1000 CE are very small: a dozen cuneiform tablets, dating from about 2000 BCE; an extraordinary Egyptian Amduat papyrus scroll, the Ballard Papyrus, dating from about 1000 BCE; four tiny fragments of papyrus, dating from the third and fourth centuries CE; and perhaps half-a-dozen undated leaves which may be as early as the ninth century. For practical research purposes our manuscript holdings begin in the early eleventh century with three Anglo-Saxon leaves and increase in every century.

Chronica regum Britanniae, Encland, circa 1250. Call Number: MS Pryce J1

Chronica regum Britanniae
England, circa 1250
Call Number: MS Pryce J1

Between 1000 and 1500 CE we have, divided by form:

  • 123 book-manuscripts, containing about 350 texts
  • Subjects or forms: service-books, the Church, religion, philosophy, classical texts, glossaries, grammars, rhetoric, textbooks, Aristotle, history, cosmography, arithmetic, astronomy, astrology, legends, Latin and Italian verse, proverbs, exempla, ethics, etiquette, nobility, biographies, politics, medicine, veterinary medicine, natural history, Mandeville, statutes of benevolent societies, cartularies, legal formularies, records of court cases, records of notarial transactions, legal treatises
  • Languages: Latin, Italian, French, German, Dutch
  • 83 separate leaves, primarily liturgical, including 41 in an uncataloged "palaeographical practice set"
  • Several hundred or more pre-1500 documents as parts of several large English and Italian estate papers collections

Special Collections also has manuscript material by later scholars covering the medieval period, later copies of medieval texts and documents, and a nineteenth-century scrapbook of initials cut from fourteenth- to sixteenth-century manuscripts.

Digital Scriptorium

Hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, the Digital Scriptorium is a growing image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts that unites scattered resources from many institutions into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research. It bridges the gap between a diverse user community and the limited resources of libraries by means of sample imaging and extensive rather than intensive cataloging. The University of Kansas Libraries are a contributing partner in this project.

Images from and entries for the majority of the Spencer Research Library's medieval manuscripts can be found at the Digital Scriptorium. To view entries for manuscripts from the Spencer Research Library's collections, conduct an "Advanced Search." In the field titled "Current Location" select the drop-down menu option "Lawrence, University of Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library" and then click on "Search." This should retrieve all entries for the Spencer Research Library's manuscripts in the Digital Scriptorium, displaying the default 30 results per page. You may wish to specify additional search constraints to refine your results.

Ancillary Material

Special Collections contains basic and advanced works on paleography, dating manuscripts, reading abbreviations, the ornament found in manuscripts, medieval deeds, etc. It also contains facsimiles of medieval manuscripts - entire works and single pages - and catalogs of the holdings of other libraries. Added to this are a few handbooks to help with medieval history, places, etc., and a few dictionaries.

Basic reference books, histories of books and libraries, and reference books concerning both printed and manuscript material are available in the reference collection in the Reading Room.

For additional information about ancient and medieval manuscripts, please contact:

Karen Cook
Special Collections Librarian


Karen Cook
Special Collections Librarian

Elspeth Healey
Special Collections Librarian

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