Campus Buildings

Black and white photograph of a two-story building with many large windows, most partially open. Students stand on the small front porch.
North College, 1890. Call Number: RG 0/22/63.

The development of the campus and the history of its buildings is a subject of enduring interest. University Archives has a variety of resources to satisfy the merely curious or assist the architectural historian. Indexes and brief synopses have been prepared for each building on campus. Limited information may also be found online in the KU Places Directory.

Thousands of photographs trace the changes in the buildings’ exteriors and interiors, as well as their surroundings. A small portion of the photographs may be found in the University Archives Photographs digital collection. Official correspondence can document the planning, funding, and even controversies surrounding these buildings (for example, the razing of Old Fraser Hall). You can also check out the online exhibit on Allen Fieldhouse

Blueprints are available for many structures, including some no longer in existence. Individuals must obtain written permission from the Custodian of Public Records ( to see the blueprints for existing buildings.

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